Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rice Nutrition Facts

Not all rice is the same. Bangarasanna, BR16 (Bangladeshi rice) Basmathi rice have been found to be the best rice for diabetics,loosing weight and prevention of diabetes.
One should not eat more than 1 cup of cooked rice per total meal. More Ganji there is rice less useful it is for the purposes. Ganji is eaten by poor people as it quenches hunger quickly. However it brings the hunger back quickly too.
Use vegetables, pulses to fill up and feel satisfied.
Replacing Chapathi for rice does not make much difference as it is similar to rice. However, eating broken wheat instead of rice helps as it breaks down more slowly.
Read the blog regarding wheat, oil, energy and protein also. One needs to have 10-15% of the calorie intake from protein for normal weight maintainance and more to lose weight.
This information is collected from various sources.