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Do you want to stop getting fat? Start looking at foods you eat

Food Glycemic Index ( From

Are you an diabetic? Do you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol issues? Then read this.

Diabetis is not about blood having more sugar. It is about body not being able to digest sugar at the rate it needs to.

Diabetics should follow low/moderate GI food diet. Look at the oils list also.

Barley and Oates are low in GI. They also have beta glucan which will help to reduce cholesterol.

Glycemic Index ( GI) measures how fast a given food raises your blood sugar level
This is important while creating a diet for diabetics and women with PCOS.
However, GI also plays an important role for the people seeking to lose weight.
We will use Glucose as reference with an value of 100,
GI for other Carbs is a relative value to glucose.
The numbers given are compiled from many different sources available in public domain.
These numbers will be close, but not identical to any one given study.
The GI also varies on the ripeness cooking time and cooking methods employed.
Leafy vegetables have low GI and are not included.

Low GI = eat more proportion
Medium GI =eat moderately
High GI = eat occassionally in low quantity


Rice is a common part of Indian Cuisine and deserves a better understanding.
Rice can have moderate to high GI.
There are two types of starch; Amylose and Amylopectin.
Long grain rice has 22 percent Amylose and 78 Amylopectin
Medium/short grain rice has 18 percent Amylose and 82 percent Amylopectin.
Relatively higher the Amylopectin, stickier is the texture.
Cooking, makes starch to be gelatinized so that human body can digest it and converts it into simple sugar. The important factor is the ratio of Amylose to Amylopectin.
Higher the Amylose, lower the GI. So, the long grain rice have lower GI than short grain rice.
The bran in brown rice makes lowers the GI further.
This makes the Brown Basmati Rice to have lower GI among most of the other Rice from India.


Potatoes are another important part of Indian Cuisine.
All root vegetables have moderate to high GI.
White potatoes have lower nutritional value than the root vegetables that are rich in color.

Sweet potatoes are low in GI and high in fibre. Substitute potatoes with sweet potatoes.

Watermelon is high in GI. Cherry is low in GI.

Common Dairy products          Glycemic Index

Milk, skim                               32

Milk, low-fat                           30

Milk, whole                             27

Yogurt whole milk                   45

Fruits Glycemic Index

Apple                                     38

Apricot                                   57

Banana                                   55

Cantaloupe                             46

Cherries                                 22

Grapefruit                              25

Grapes                                   46

Kiwifruit                                53

Mango                                   56

Orange                                  44

Papaya                                  58

Peach                                    42

Pear                                      38

Pineapple                               66

Plum (Aloo Bukara)                39

Watermelon                           72

Dried Fruits Glycemic Index

Apricots                                 31

Prunes                                   15

Raisins                                   64

Sultanas                                 56

Dates                                     103

Fruit Juices Glycemic Index

Apple Juice                             40

Grapefruit juice                        48

Orange Juice                           52

Pineapple Juice                       46

Legumes/Grains/Rice Glycemic Index

Chana Dal                              11

Cream Of wheat                    66

Urad (Black beans)                43

Black eyed beans                   41

Mung beans (Green gram)      38

Horse gram                           51

Red Kidney beans boiled        30

Rajma                                   19

Soy Boiled                            18

Whole Mung                         57

Bajra                                   58

Buckwheat                           55

Barley                                  25

Jowar                                   77

Ragi                                     86

Rye                                      34

Brown Rice                          55

White Rice                            64

Basmati Rice                        58

Peanuts                                14

Non-leafy vegetables Glycemic Index

Beet roots                             64

Carrots                                  71

Peas boiled                           48

Boiled Carrots                      49

White Baked Potato              85

Boiled Potatoes                    63

Parsnips                              97

Sweet Potato                      54

Pumpkin                             75

Common Foods Glycemic Index

Glucose (Reference)          100

Honey                               58

Table sugar                       65

Fructose                            23

Coca-Cola (regular)           63

Soy milk                            31