Sunday, April 29, 2012

Orchids have held a special place among gardners and they are similar to roses in some way as people adorne their beauty grace and enchanting looks and a sense of romance and finess they bring to human lives. They belong to family Orchidacease with over 21,000 species with about 10% of all seed plants. Vnailla whihc provides flaour to icecreams and cakes is part of this family. World over people grow them in hot houses and tend to care for them to ensure they have the best looking ones in their gardens. Singapore airport has the best of them and nourish the senses with best presentation and eye soothing colors and beauty. The following photos are the ones which were displyed in the malls in Tamworth, NSW Australia. This collection is small however, the pride of the Tamworth Orchid Society members is no less than the best collectors in the world. These societies not only bring pride and joy to the orchid onwers but also show general population the joy of flowers thereby gardening and the joy of valuing the biological diverstiy and appreciating the nature around us though flowers in different colors and huges leaves of different shapes and textures. These socieites do in some way more than many scientists as they bring biodiversity to general public who at times are disconnected to the natural world. Thank god for these people who make effort to conduct these displays that the children and city dwellers get to expirence the value of these plants.

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