Sunday, April 29, 2012

Orchid display- Brings joy to hundreds

Orchids belong to the family Orchidaceae with over 21,000 species and 10% of all seeded plants. This family includes Vanilla which adds flavour to ice creams and cakes. Singapore has the best of the collection at the airport nourishing the senses of the tired traveller with the beauty of the colors shapes and textures. Orchids are grown all over the world in hothouses and people tend to associate them with romance, beauty and finer things of life.

The following photos are those of the orchid display by Tamworth Orchid Society. The members of the society do a massive service by bringing such biodiversity to general public and ensure that people are in touch with the natural world through flowers of such beauty and grace. These orchids bring joy and pride to many people and show that in the world we need to preserve enjoy and appreciate what nature has to offer. Thanks to these members of the society that every child in Tamworth has an opportunity to look and appreciate these magnificent flowers of nature. Just enjoy!!

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