Friday, February 11, 2011

Gardening - Simple joys one can enjoy

In the age of increase in cost of living, wars, revolutions and floods one forgets how joyful simple things can be. One joy of life is gardening is just looking at plants irrespective of heat or cold, sunshine or rain keep producing food and giving it free to mankind, insects which keep pollinating to make fruits and flowers which keep blooming.

Some flowers are rare and beautiful. I have uploaded some photos of flowers for you to enjoy.

Melaleuca delicate flowers.

Red Kalanchoe and Black eyed Lilly

Black Eyed Lilly

Flowers of Turmeric



Lobelia (snowflake)


Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) flowers

Convolvulus sabatius

Unusual choko (seemebadanekayi, chokote) flower


Copyright: These photos are my photos. Please don't steal it and use it. If you have to then please be decent and use this blog as a reference. I always provide reference to materials I have used from other websites. However many sites use others photos, information including Indian historical information and put their watermark or name on it. This is wrong and it is stealing. I do not do such things.

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