Thursday, February 24, 2011

Agriculture Budget-Right Noises but will it be implemented.

The agriculture budget in Karnataka was released. It makes many right noises. However it still does not move in the right manner when it comes to Research and Development in agriculture and there does not seem to be any room for biotechnology or education of farmers in best management practices or new technology. Farming sector needs to move into 21st century. This is something Indian governments of all persuasions seem to forget as they are chasing the farm votes not necessarily thinking truly of modernizing agriculture. However there are some right decisions here such as drip irrigations, better pump sets, education stipends and loans for education of farmers children, exemption of VAT for floriculture and veterinarian colleges set up in rural areas. Non development of rural areas is not an option India can afford in the 21st century. This budget has failed miserably in specifically providing for construction of silos and chillers for storage. Prevention of wastage is as important as production. Hopefully world agriculture investment summit will open doors for infrastructure investment. But this is small steps in the right direction. Only thing is will it be implemented?

*Karnataka agricultural development policy to be strengthened 
*World agriculture investment summit in June 2011
* New courses for diploma in agriculture
*Stipend for agricultural students
*Rs 2 lakh insurance for farmers
*Training to be given to five lakh farmers in organic farmers
* Rs 289 crore sanctioned to improve Krishna project
*Rs 17,850 crore allocation for the agricultural sector
*Rs 125 crore for Bio Farming and Rs 100 crore for drip irrigation
*Rs 1000 crore earmarked for 'Suvarna Bhoomi' project
*Rs 3900 crore for supply of electricity to IP sets
*Better IP sets to be provided to farmers to reduce power consumption
*RS 2123 crore for uninterrupted power supply to farmers
*Rs 1000 crore for renovation of ponds and lakes
*Desilting and rejuvenation of 23,000 lakes
*Intrest free loans for higher education for farmer's children
*Agriculture revolving funds to be increased to Rs 1000 crore
*Rs 100 crore for small ports
*Rs 200 crore for organic farming
*State biofuel board has been set up
*Seeds to be supplied to farmers at 50 percent subsidy
*Rs 9 crore to encourage paddy and sugarcane production
*Single window scheme to help farmers
*Rs 25 crore for coconut cultivation
*More neera processing units to be set up
*Exemption of VAT for floriculture
*Rs 2 crore to combat diseases that afflict areca plantation
*Rs 10 crore for APMCs across the state
*Veterinarian Colleges to be set in Gadag and Athini
*Mega dairy at Mysore, KMF will mobilise funds for this
*Rs 2.5 crore for prevention of epidemics
*Rs 10 crore as incentives for fish farming
*Construction of 50 new fish markets at Rs 5 crore
*2000 houses at Rs 60,000 each for fishermen
*Software programme to be developed for documentation of land records

Abovementioned list is as per Deccan Herald 24-02-2011

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