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Rural Suicides- Impact on rural economy what you can do

Rural Suicide is becoming more and more prevalent all around the world. In India over 19000 farmers have committed suicide. This has not just an impact on the farmer per se but also permanently damages the family members, other dependents on the farmer such as extended family, rural businesses and due to loss of buying power the local kirana shop too.

What can educated people do to stop this?

1. Go to your local village and talk to local panchayat. Show them what options are avialable.
2. Lobby the rural banks and ensure they are part of the banking process. 
3. Train groups of farmers in financial literacy- show them how to open a bank account, save some part of their income in a bank, show them what is interest etc. Rural farmers dont trust banks.
4. Show farmers how to save for retirement or old age or poor health
5. If you have doctor friends encourage to go to rural areas and check blood pressure, eye check ups and blood sugar levels of farming families. Even if you rescue 1 family then that family will have better health.
6. Get a group of your friends and take them to a relaxing village tour. Take a tent and picnic basket and ask your friends to stay in a farm and realx. Pay the farmers some money and show them there is a capacity for alternative income.
7. Take a bunch of children and show them rural life for a day. Pay the farmers family with money or take a bag of rice with you.
8. Encourage children to participate in rice bucket challenge.
9. Take a bunch of families from your building and go to a near by village and show them how there is a connect between what they do in a city and impact on village.
10. Raise some money to build a toilet, a resting area or a compost tip in a rural area.

Think Think Think as to how to help your farmer brothers and sisters. Without them you don't have food.

19,483 farmers ended lives in State in 10 yrs

Dec 21, 2014, Belagavi, Dhns:

 Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda said that as many as 19,483 farmers have committed suicide in the last 10 years in the State.
In a written reply to a question by JD(S) MLA Gopalaiah in the Assembly, he said among the total 19,483 deaths, only 2,414 were reported to the Agriculture department, as per the statistics provided by the National Crime Record Bureau.

Among 2,414 suicides, 1,231 cases have been found eligible for compensation by the government, he said. Stating that the number of suicides had come down since 2007-08, he said steps have been taken to make agriculture cost-effective by providing seeds and agriculture implements at concessional rates. Byregowda said in 2006-07, the number of suicides stood at 176, which shot up to 182 in 2007-08. 

The number of deaths came down to 156 in 2008-09 and it further came down to 146 in 2009-10 and in 2013-14, the number of deaths was 58.
DH News Service

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