Monday, June 30, 2014

India needs innovation

Time again we hear IT companies India boasting of its founders who made gazillion zillions. Yet most of these companies are servicing western countries. Yes they are creating jobs in India but they are contributing only about 5% to the economy while non IT industries such as agriculture are contributing to over 22%. agriculture in India has the potential to contribute even more by Indian IT graduates developing apps and tools for every day farmer. The following tools as I see it are required. I dont have the skills to develop them however I am throwing my ideas open to people to use for public good in India. Please let your fellow men/women with IT skills know.

1. Mobiles which wholly work in the local language preferably smart phones- if China has it why not India?
2. Kannada software written in Linux etc which will make it open domain.-for use in all computers
3. A cheap tablet costing less than rupees 1000.
4. Water monitoring in soils to reduce cost of irrigation- cheap tensio meters
5. Solar powered homes in all villages-forget coal and water driven projects
6. Online business training in local language for rural youth. Italians Germans French everyone have local language universities and India is behaving as a British colony even today by having all its technology in English. why?????
7. Online university for all to get proper degrees- no restriction on caste creed reservation
8. Pens that are able to capture written information and connect to a tablet to transfer information
10. WiFi freely available to everyone which transmits through the walls with kinetic energy stored in the double walls due to heating and cooling in the bricks.
11. Apps which help farmers to choose new varieties for high production in each local region provided in local language
13. Fertilizer apps where a farmer can put in figures and get information as to how much of fertilizer can be used per acre rather than excess
14. Apps which show IPM ie Integrated Pest Management strategy for each region
15. Apps to provide English training to rural youth in their language -ie an Indian Babel
16. Apps to provide basic education for illiterate farmers by training in alphabets to writing basic sentences

So here is the challenge for you all. If you care about India and if you have any skills in computer language coding then start the work.

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